Who We Are

PHS Concepts, Inc., is an independent woman-owned small business providing human factors engineering services to a variety of industries. We specialize in the oil, gas and chemicals industry specifically related to engineering design support. Our specialists have a combined amount of experience close to 90+ years working for large OG&C contractors and operating companies, nuclear contractors, aerospace industries, heavy manufacturing industries, and performing forensics analyses.


PHS Concepts’ personnel are especially experienced at understanding the needs of our clients and supporting large and small capital projects from conceptual design to start-up. PHSC consultants have unique experience within the OG&C industry working international CAPEX projects both onshore and offshore. Our specialists also have decades of combined experience in the aerospace industry including commercial systems and NASA.

HFE Consulting for OG&C Industry

PHSC has over 10 years’ domestic and international experience as a team member of several multibillion dollar engineering projects within the OG&C industry including oil refineries, LNG plants (revamps and greenfield), FPSOs, offshore platforms, and chemical plant control room layouts. PHSC has been the primary human factors engineering and ergonomics expert on these projects applying domestic or international regulations, good engineering practice, industry standards, and sound judgment during all aspects of the task. Each of these efforts has been well documented and PHSC has received high praise for their efforts. PHSC firmly believes that if human factors engineering is treated as any other engineering discipline in the project team and brought to bear as early in the project as possible the cost will be minimized with huge, documented economic and intangible benefits.

HFE Consulting for OG&C Industry

Other Services - Rapid Ergonomics Team Deployment

Our unique Rapid Ergonomics Team Deployment (RETD) has been used to implement ergonomics teams using employees in both office and non-office environments in a week that are able to make significant contributions very quickly. Efficiently implement an effective employee-based ergonomics process by empowering the team and organization to address the impact of ergonomics as well as its technical aspects within a limited time and resource framework. REMEMBER: Employee-based ergonomics teams seldom fail to succeed due to a lack of understanding the technical aspects of ergonomics, but more often because of the failure to manage their impact to the organization.