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• Advantage Occupational Health
• Battelle PNNL
• Bechtel Oil, Gas and Chemicals, Inc.
• Boeing CAG
• Boeing Manufacturing and R&D
• Canexus Limited
• Chevron Corporation
• City of Richland, WA
• Coeur D'Alene Mines
• Continental Baking Company
• Dresser Industries
• Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream
• Duke Engineering Services
• EG&G, Idaho
• Engineering Corporation of Louisiana
• Fluor-Daniel Hanford
• FMC Technologies
• Goiccochea Law Offices
• Grant Prideco
• Halliburton, Inc.
• Hanford Environmental Health Found.
• Hotze Pharmacy
• Howmet Casting Division
• IBM, Inc.
• Johnson-Matthey Electronics
• Kaiser Aluminum Co.
• Kapiolani Women's Medical Center
• Kellogg Brown & Root
• Kennewick General Hospital
• Kennewick General Hospital
• Levi Strauss
• Lockheed Martin Hanford
• Lockheed Martin Idaho Hanford
• Oceaneering
• Paradigm
• Petrobras America Inc.
• Pillsbury, Co.
• Plastomer Technologies
• Pride International, Inc
• PrimeWay® Federal Credit Union
• Quail Creek Oil Corporation
• Riteresponse
• Shell
• Simplot, Co.
• Sperry Sun
• Tidewater
• Valero
• Washington State University
• Westinghouse Hanford

Company Overview

PHS Concepts, Inc. is an independent, woman-owned, small business providing human factors engineering and ergonomics services to a variety of industries. We specialize engineering design support in the oil, gas and chemicals industry. Our specialists have a combined amount of experience of 90+ years working for large OG&C contractors and operating companies, nuclear contractors, aerospace industries, heavy manufacturing industries, and performing forensics analyses. We also specialize in the application of ergonomics to a variety of field, manufacturing, office, healthcare and non-office environments including analysis, recommendations, worker’s comp cases, and team development. We also have extensive experience performing forensic analyses and supporting legal cases.


PHS Concepts’ personnel are especially experienced at understanding the needs of our clients and supporting large and small capital projects from conceptual design to start-up. PHSC consultants have unique experience within the OG&C industry working international CAPEX projects both onshore and offshore. Our specialists also have decades of combined experience in the aerospace industry including commercial systems and NASA.

Previous Projects

Motiva Port Author Refinery Crude Expansion Project

The project took five years to finish and increased the refinery capacity 325,000 b/p to increase capacity to 600,000 b/p. The facility can process a wide variety of crude oil from light to heavy crude. PHSC was the lead contractor HFE support from FEED through Detailed Design. Tasks included but were not limited to: develop the project HFE implementation plan, develop project HFE specifications, providing HFE support during 30%, 50%, and 90% 3DModel reviews, and working closely with the designers and client HFE team to integrate HFE with the client and contractor during the project.

Gorgon LNG

The Gorgon gas project is a natural gas project in Western Australia, involving the development of the Greater Gorgon gas fields, subsea gas-gathering infrastructure, and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant on Barrow Island. It is currently under construction and once completed, will become Australia's fourth LNG export development. PHSC provided project support through FEED including: writing the implementation plan and specifications.

Angola Block 18

The Greater Plutonio accumulation lies in 1,200m to 1,500m of water, 160km northwest of Luanda in the Block 18 concession and is the first BP-operated asset in Angola. It has total estimated reserves of about 750 million barrels, making it one of the biggest off Angola’s coast. Kellogg Brown & Root oversaw the engineering, procurement, construction and management, and Hyundai Heavy Industries fabricated the FPSO hull and topside equipment, at an estimated cost of $650m. PHSC supported the project by providing the development team with HFE training during the early stages.

Angola LNG

Angola LNG is a major LNG producer with operations in Angola. The plant will have a capacity of 5.2 million tons (6.8 Bcm) per year, 360,000 cm of full containment LNG storage, LPG and condensate storage and a loading jetty sized to accommodate ships up to 210 cm. PHSC provided HFE support by writing the HFE plan, specifications, valve criticality analysis. PHSC also participated in 30% and 50% 3D model reviews for the project.

Belanak FPSO

Development of the ConocoPhillips Belanak field offshore Indonesia will combine a range of production structures, including two drilling platforms, an FPSO, a floating storage and offloading (FSO) vessel, and a variety of subsea connections. PHSC provided HFE support performing a lessons learned review in conjunction with the FSPO.

Tangguh LNG

The LNG plant initially comprises of two production trains with an annual production capacity of a maximum 7.6 million tones. An LNG train consists of equipment that purifies and liquefies the natural gas, complete with LNG tanks and condensate tank. Supporting facilities such as offices, accommodation, clinic, warehouse, marine facilities, waste management facilities and workshop are available at site. In addition to the main facilities at Tangguh LNG site, Tangguh LNG also operates small camp, airfield and jetty at Babo. Babo is about 1.5 hour by boat from Tangguh LNG site. Tangguh LNG is a grassroots facility for producing LNG and condensate. The LNG plant site is located on the southern shores of Bintuni Bay in Bintuni Bay Regency of Papua Barat Province. PHSC performed an EERA Emergency Egress and Rescue Analysis for the facility.

Offshore living quarters

PHSC provided initial FEED activities including, review of specs and generating questions , HFE implementation plan, living quarters specifications, spec checklist, HFE review layout of layout designs, and developing Preliminary Design Checklist.

PHSC’s current LNG project

PHSC’s current LNG project will go from FEED through Construction. Activities performed during this project include by are not limited to: Human Factors implementation plan, HFE training, vendor activities, on-sit support, 3D and 2D model reviews, constructions site and mod yard walkthroughs.

Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Romero

Ms. Elizabeth Romero, MS has a Master’s of Science degree focusing in psychology and is the president and sole owner of PHS Concepts. She also brings her skills to PHSC behavior-based ergonomics programs and return-to-work initiatives. She has over ten years of experience providing organizational behavior consulting, developing training, product research, and Safety Analysis Review work for Department of Energy. Ms. Romero’s main focus is directing the business development and expansion in the oil and gas industry and expanding the business into other industries.

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Henry Romero

PHS Concepts’ Technical Specialist is Dr. Henry Romero, CPE. He is a Certified Professional Ergonomist with over 26 years of experience providing ergonomics, human factors, and safety expertise in a variety of environments including oil, gas & chemical (OG&C), nuclear, transportation, heavy manufacturing, health care, baking, and others. Dr. Romero has been a consultant for nearly 10 of those years. His experience is providing services for different Fortune 150 companies and several smaller businesses as well. He has also provided forensics support for several ergonomics related legal cases.

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Chris Blackledge

Chris Blackledge is PHSC’s Senior Consultant. He is a Human Factors Engineer with experience across several industries. He has applied human factors and ergonomics principles to projects in oil and gas, aerospace, law enforcement, military, and automotive industries. Some notable projects he has worked on are the Downstream Wheatstone LNG facility, NASA’s Orion spacecraft, and Department of Justice research on ergonomic standards for body armor. Chris graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering, and a Master’s of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering specializing in Human Factors and Ergonomics. He has expertise in anthropometry, biomechanics, motion capture, and digital human modeling. He is also a U.S. Army veteran who severed as a Military Police Officer in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

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Lena DeSantis

Lena De Santis earned a B.S. in Bioengineering from Texas A&M University and a M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Iowa. After graduate school, she hired on as a contractor at the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, TX in 1999. She became part of the Trash & Waste Integration Group for the International Space Station (ISS), coordinating with Russian scientists to ensure the needs of astronauts and cosmonauts are met. She worked on multiple projects with the Usability Testing & Analysis Facility (UTAF), primarily with the Extravehicular Activity (EVA) engineers, evaluating the usability of the hardware astronauts would use and testing the designs for usability issues. Lena was also responsible for evaluating the payloads going to ISS to ensure they met the human factors requirements. In 2011, she started working as a program integrator for the Human Research Program (HRP), where she was responsible for communicating the weekly HRP accomplishments to NASA Headquarters in Washington D.C. In 2013, Lena joined PHS, Concepts as a Human Factors Specialist.

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Peter Wells

Peter Wells has a BS in both Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management. He has a high level of expertise that will be greatly influential to PHSC’s services, designing as lead and support for projects that require an extreme level of efficiency and reliability. His services have been greatly influential to projects for The Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle, The U.S. Army, Lockheed Martin Corp., and Boeing Corp. Peter’s experience in mechanical engineering design will provide key insight as he consults for PHSC. He also served in the U.S. Army for nearly a decade before being Honorably Discharged as a First Lieutenant.


Bruce Cunningham

Bruce Cunningham has a MA in Health and Human performance and is a Certified Industrial Ergonomist. He has a variety of skills and experience in both consulting and training others that make him an excellent addition to the PHSC team. Bruce has consulted in industrial, laboratory, warehouse, and office settings. Having trained over 10,000 postal employees and 60 ergonomic teams that measure to a total of one thousand members, Bruce’s knowledge of the ergonomic principles and process is valued by many. He facilitated the ergonomic teams’ assessments of over 900 targeted postal work tasks with an implementation rate of 90%. He has also served for the Army Special Forces in Operations and Intelligence.

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