Biomechanics Support

A productive, efficient, and safe workforce is the cornerstone of any successful business. The specialists at PHSC are trained in a variety of Human Factors techniques that can help your business benefit the most from your employees. Whether it’s creating a better workspace, preventing injuries, or helping people return to work PHSC has a solution for you. 


HFE Consulting for OG&C Industry

PHSC has over 10 years’ domestic and international experience as a team member of several multibillion dollar engineering projects within the OG&C industry including oil refineries, LNG plants (revamps and greenfield), FPSOs, offshore platforms, and chemical plant control room layouts. PHSC has been the primary human factors engineering and ergonomics expert on these projects applying domestic or international regulations, good engineering practice, industry standards, and sound judgment during all aspects of the task. Each of these efforts has been well documented and PHSC has received high praise for their efforts. PHSC firmly believes that if human factors engineering is treated as any other engineering discipline in the project team and brought to bear as early in the project as possible the cost will be minimized with huge, documented economic and intangible benefits.

Ergonomics Consulting

PHSC personnel have performed analyses for both office and non-office ergonomics environments including: hospitals, heavy manufacturing industry, office, oil and gas sector, chemical facilities, transportation, and nuclear industries. These analyses have focused on individual incidents as well as group and task evaluations that are designed to eliminate risk factors and improve the efficiency of operations.

Ergonomics Training

PHSC has several years’ experience in providing training for worker safety ergonomics. Our unique Rapid Ergonomics Team Deployment (RETD) has been used to implement ergonomics teams using employees in both office and non-office environments in a week that are able to make significant contributions very quickly. PHSC has also developed and presented individual modules for safety meetings, manual material handling, office ergonomics, hand-arm vibration syndrome, and others.

HFE Consulting in Aerospace


HFE Forensics Analysis

PHSC senior consultant Henry Romero, PhD, performed two litigation cases, including hand harm vibration syndrome and low back pain from turning value. Provided defendants lawyers with detailed analysis, prepared for court appearance and deposition. Both cases were settled in the defenses favor out of court.

Mechanical Engineering Design Support