PHSC consultants are experts at applying human factors principles in a variety of industries. We focus on all levels of support including acting as integrated, embedded team members on large CAPEX projects to providing one-off support to small projects. PHSC personnel provide human factors engineering support to projects including standards development, document and model review, personnel training,  and vendor package reviews. PHSC personnel have worked to develop the human factors portions of Safety Analysis Reviews (SAR and PSAR) for Department of Energy installations. We also have the capability to provide support as virtual team members including implementing a human factors program plan, hard copy and electronic document review, training package development, and model reviews.

PHSC consultants have decades of experience in analyzing workplaces, both manufacturing and office environments, for risk factors related to work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Our unique, engineering driven approach focuses on improving efficiency and effectiveness of processes, machines, and human workers to maximize the economics of the system while reducing the physical stressors to the human workers. In addition to performing ergonomic assessments and providing actionable and economical recommendations, we focus our efforts to allow interested clients to implement their own ergonomics teams and practices that will allow them to manage issues in the future. We also provide training and can deliver tailored training packages covering a variety of musculoskeletal disorder risk factors.

Regardless of whether we are working applying our skills to support engineering teams or reviewing workplaces for musculoskeletal disorder risk factors, PHSC firmly holds to the concept that good ergonomics is good economics.

Below are a few brief synopses of the services on which we have focused our efforts for nearly 30 years.  Please contact us to let us work together with you to develop better outcomes.